Manju Warrier’s preference to go for termination takes her compartment divorce from Dileep

Reports went abuzz that Malayalam luminary integrate Dileep and Manju Warrier grown disproportion of opinion and severed ties.  But, Dileep denied a reports.  But now, reports endorse that a subdivision indeed happened. Also, Reports exhibit reason for a separation. 

Dileep and Manju Warrier went for adore matrimony about 14 years back. After marriage, Manju Warrier stopped doing movies.  Both Dileep and Manju Warrier have daughter named Meenakshi. 

Both Dileep and Manju Warrier have distant and are vital alone.  Reports are that both have motionless to go for divorce and that they are deliberating with lawyers to obtain divorce. 

Till date, reason for subdivision was not known.  Now, a reason for their subdivision has come to light.  Manju Warrier does not enterprise giving birth to child.  But, recently, Manju Warrier became pregnant.  Dileep forced her to give birth to child. 

Without Dileep’s knowledge, Manju Warrier went to a sanatorium for termination of a child.  Manju Warrier preferred doing movies.  But, Dileep refused to extend her accede to do movies.  In annoy of limitation imposed by Dileep, Manju Warrier started listening to stories.  Also, she participated in open eventuality and staged a dance performance. 

Manju Warrier’s relatives support her pierce to make reentry into cine field. Now, her preference has incited out reason for subdivision between her and Dileep.